TTT: Platonic Relationships In Books!!

This was super hard to narrow down, cause I normally drawn towards these types of relationships in books, because I am a only child my self and always wanted a sibling! But enough about me, lets talk about the books!!

  1. Harry and Hermonie and (Ron)


This list would not be the same without this ‘trio” I know eventually Ron and Hermonie get together but this series as always hung on their friendship and I always wanted to go on adventure with them. They really became each other chosen family and that just puts a smile on my face. So many of my favorite friendship moments come from this trio including:

  • troll in the dungeon
  • Are you a witch or not
  • We will go anywhere with you
  • The chess scene in book one 🙂

2.  Clary and Simon (Mortal Instruments) 


I  really love clary and simon friendship throughout the whole Mortal instrument series. The beginning romance still makes me want to toss my book across the room and I often struggle to re-read those books! But after book 3 I really love their friendships so much. They def become found family and I really love their dynamics so much! I really was heartbroken at the end of the city of heavenly fire but was thrilled with tales of there shadow hunter academy. I found this relationship to def be at the hear of this series and really hope we get to see them again together in lord of shadows!!

3. The Unlikes by Carrie Firestone:


I read this book last year and really found this group of friends to be so awsome. There was hints of romance in the book, but this book def focused more on friednshio for the characters. I really loved how they had a mission and just how they all interacted in this book, this was def a group of friends, I would want to join!

4. Pushing the limit series! 


I also really loved the various couples and friends that made this group of friedns in this series! This book series def deals with harder topics but I really loved all the friendships and realtiosnhips that came out of this series. These characters are really so different but some how they just work totgether and out of came some pretty awsome realtionships and just friendship moments!

5. Darkest Mind Series 


In such a sad word with some much sadness and death. The friendship between Zu, Ruby, Liam and Chubs really made me smile in this book. I really love how much they go through but also how much they care about each other. This series is so sad, and so much bad things but the friendship def made me smile and I really adore these characters!

6. Runaways T.V show: 


I really love the t.v show and have both the comcis and the book my tbr. I just love the dynamics of the team of kids. They just really becaome so close over this series and some romacne may be incoming evnetually but for the first series, I really love this group of characters and how much they were willing to do to protect each other!

7. The Unexpected Everything and Since you’ve been Gone!!

Unknown-12.jpeg        Unknown-13.jpeg

Duo choice* I really loved both groups of friends in these summer reads. I love how one groups of friends have been together for years and then the other since you been gone had a new group of friends growing closer. I tought these series could be a group of friends from real life and they both put a smile on my face!!!

8. Camp Half Blood World:


I really love all the different heroes that we meet in Heroes of Olympus! I really liked all the various characters that we meet and also the various realtionships we saw and they just all made me smile!

9. Vampire Academy!! 

I also really loved the friendships that we had in both bloodlines and and vamprie academy series!

Let me know what are some of your favorite pantomine groups of friends or what indivdual friendships did you love!

later book lovers!!





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