What I am reading Monday!!!

I am super excited to read and listen this week! I have so many reads planned for the end of this month! So I hope to read so many things! Here is my plan right now!

What I Finished reading!


Overall, I like this book, I had some issues withe pacing and feeling connected to the characters and wish the ending was a bit more expanded but overall it was a great thriller!

What I am currently reading!


I am really loving this beauty and the beast retelling! I am reading it so early and I am really enjoying it!

What I want to read next!


I am really excited to dive into this holiday themed read with my book  club!


I know this book will kill my emotions but I am reading to see what happens!

What I am listening too!!


I am likening this book much better then book one, and looking foward to completing this series this week!

let me know what you hope to read this week in the comments!

later book lovers!