TTT: Why I am thankful for reading

So this was def inspired by the artsy reader girl. I want to share the top ten reasons I am thankful for reading! I think most of them will be understood by book lovers from all over!

Why I am thankful for reading!!


  1. Because there is always a book that I want to read!

I can always find a book the captures my attention and just captures me. I have so many books, but it is more that all the books I have but I can easily find something that I will want to read. The real hard part is making a choice lol ­čÖé

2.  Characters that feel like my best friend!

I love all the characters these authors create for me . They not only feel so well crafted but also they feel so real. I often feel like I know these characters so well, that they feel like my friends. It is even more when this series goes on for years and I grow up or spend so many years with them!

3. I can escape into. a new world!

Sometimes the world is scary or less exciting place and having a world to escape in that is different from my own is a true blessing and even with my new job, a escape is often desired! I often crave books so different from my own reality!

4. Being apart of a fandom of books!

i just love being apart of fandom of certain books because I love sharing my thoughts with people who like the same things as me. I also love to theorize and predict future books!

5. Sharing my reviews with the world!!

I like sharing my reviews both her and my book tube channel! I just like sharing my thoughts and getting feedback and seeing if we agree or disagree!!

6. Meeting some of my best friends!

I have met so many books for the bookish community and now they have become my best friends! I love hanging out with them all year long but especially during convention time!

7. Going to bookish themed events and Conventions!

I literally look forward to my big bookish convention all year long including book con, NYCC and BEA! I also really enjoy going to all my smaller bookish events like singings!!

8. Collecting and reading my books/ arcs!!

Recently I started reading arcs and boy do I love getting books early, I really love getting books but I also love getting the early!!

9. Spending my free time reading!!

I really love reading and really look foward to my reading time! I normally get to read atleast a hour a day!

10. Using my long commute time for reading!

Having a long commute is not always fun but for me it is, when I use it for reading!

Let me know some of the reasons that you are thankful for reading in the comment!