What I am reading Monday!

I actually had a pretty good reading week! I just read such a long book in the president is missing so it took me awhile to finish it. I also read 25% of each the unexpected everything and Shadow and bone and really loving the them both!

What I finished reading!


I thought this was the prefect summer read. It fixed my royal fantasy. I loved the book boyfriend in this but wish I felt more connected to all the characters overall.. check out my review later in the week!

What I am currently reading!


I literally just stssrted this but I am loving it so far! Hope to read more this tomorrow!

What I want to read next!


i am so excited to die into this  royal themed book from NOVEL. I got this from BEA! I have heard some really good things!


I am so excited to read the sequel to the darkest mind series! I can’t wait to dive into this gem!

What I am listening too!

I am trying to make progress on The darkest prophecy and hope to also make more progress on The Unexpected everything!

Tell me in the comments what you want to read this week!

later book lovers


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