What I am Reading Monday!!!

I actually had a really good listening week and a pretty good reading week. I hope to read a lot this week and keep tackling my con books!

What I read!


I really enjoyed this book alot! It is prob my third favorite of her books overall but I really loved this book so much and just flew through it! Check out my review later this week!

What I am reading!


I really loved the first book of this series and am super excited to complete it soon!

What I want to read Next!


the second i am done re-listeing to wild card.. this book is going to be read! and I can’t wait!


I am read to dive into some fantasy books and this is review book from entangled!


I got a arc of book 2 and really want to read this so I can tackle my arc 🙂

What I am Listening too!


I am loving this listen and can’t wait to read wilcard! Really happy i choose to re listen. I really enjoy this series!

Let me know in the comments what books you want to read this week!

later book lovers!


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