Top Ten books I got from BEA AND Book con!

So I got so many things from BEA and book. So here are the top ten books I want to read in quicker fashion, no matter when they come out! Most of these books are Contempory, thriller and middle grade! Check out my video for my extended thoughts!

  1. Wildcard by Marie Lu!
  2. The dark deep by Ally Condi and Brendan R.
  3. Broken things by Lauren Oilver
  4. What if its us by Adam and Becky
  5. The Dark descent of elizabeth frakenstine by kirsten white
  6. Rule by  ellen goodlett
  7. City of Ghosts by victoria schwab
  8. Grace and Fury by tracy banghart
  9. Escaping from Houdni by  Kerri Maniscalco
  10. The Art of losing by Lizzy Mason

Tell me in the comments what book you want me to give an early review too! I am really so excited to read all these books,  but if you want a review early, I can try my best!

later book lovers


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