Blog and booktube Giveaway At Book expo and Book con!!! (Open)

Hi book lovers!

So I am heading to book expo and book con this week in NYC. I wanted to give you all a treat for being loyal followers and we did get a above 100 followers on the blog yay! Thank you for all your support!

Bellow is a video breaking down the various giveaway but here is simple breakdown of each one and who can enter and possible prizes, i will know for sure your prizes after the convention and where you live cause that may effect your prize!

Blog Giveaway

*International and USA*

If you win and your are International you will win credit to book dep. for 20.00 for a current book that is out or preorder of a BEA BOOK  your choice*

Usa winner prize

  1. An Arc of Black Witch book 2: Iron flower signed by the author!
  • this may have two winners if I do get stuff like if the first person I choose is international a American winner will get the arc!

You tube Giveaway!

*America only*

– 1. A arc of The dark deep by ally Condie and Brendan Reichs!

Bookmark Giveaway! Con attendee only!

I have started a small bookish ETSY Shop!

I was able to make 30-40 bookmarks and will be giving them away at the con! Follow me on instgram and if you tell me the code word each day you will get a book mark!

May the odds be in your favor!

later book lovers!

6 thoughts on “Blog and booktube Giveaway At Book expo and Book con!!! (Open)

  1. I’m so jealous of everyone who got to go to Bookcon and/or Bookexpo. OMG all those ARCs! From what I saw, I would have loved L1feLik3 or Muse of Nightmares. Thanks for the chance!

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  2. Hi, Laura! 🙂 For now, BEA and Bookcon are just dreams for me. Still, I’ve spent the last few days living the experience through videos, Instagram stories and pictures of those who were able to attend! Hope you had the best time there, lovely! Being surrounded by bookworms, authors and those who work with books must have been AMAZING! ❤ ❤

    And of course! Thank you so much for the international giveaway! I’m entering that one, because I’m not a US resident. A wonderful treat for those who couldn’t be there, getting amazing ARCs and books! Thank you, Laura! ❤ If I had been there, I’d have died for ARCs of Muse of Nightmares and City of Ghosts. Can’t wait to read them! 😀

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