Top Ten books I want from Book Expo and book con!

So I am so excited to attending both these conventions this year! I know arcs are not the “true” purpose of these conventions but I love getting books early! So here are the top ten books that i hope to get at these conventions!

  1. Wild Card by Marie Lu
  2. What if Its us by Becky A and Adam Silvera
  3. The second story by Neil Patrick Harris
  4. Wicked King by Holly Black
  5. The dark deep by Riche and Condi
  6. Grace and Fury
  7. The last life of Prince Alastor
  8. Escaping form Houdini by Keri M.
  9. Girls of paper and fire
  10. City of Ghosts by V.E Swab!

Let me know in the comments what books you are are excited to pick up either at the conventions this summer or just to read this fall!

later book lovers!