Out Of the Wild Night: Non-Spoiler Review

Out of the wild Night  by Blue Balliett


Published by  Scholastic Inc. on March 27, 2018

Genres: Middle Grade, Ghost Story

Pages: 325

Format: Arc

Source: Publisher

2018 challenge: NA

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I would give this book 3 for a review.


Ghosts are alive on the island of Nantucket. You can hear them in the wind, and in the creaks of the old homes. They want to be remembered. And, even more, they want to protect what was once theirs.

The ghosts seem to have chosen a few local kids to be their messengers — and to help save the island. But in this mystery, the line between those who haunt and those who are haunted is a thin one — and the past and the present must come to terms with one another in order to secure the future.

My Brief Thoughts:

This book surprised me. I was enjoying it but the ending took me off guard. I loved the narrator that we had and how focused on the history of the islands it was. It did have some pacing issues but it was a fun story. I wish the kids character may have been more focused in the story. But the ending I def did not see coming and really eventually want to re-read this book and see how that knowledge effect the story. It was def. a creepier read but one the middle grade students would enjoy. I would def.read more by this autor in the future.

My Extended Thoughts!

Characters: All the characters in this book felt like you as the audience had veil separating them for us. I felt it was harder to becoming emotionally invested in them but I was motivated enough to keep reading!

Plot: This plot was super cool and some of the end shocked were hard to see coming and I really loved the tale end of this novel. I read this book in one sitting and wish I would have spread this reading out. The tale of the novel was super unique!

Pace: This book had a slower pace and that was largely because of all the info that was given about the island. It was slower read but def a fun one!

I would def read more by this author in the future!