Top 15 Book Con and Book Expo Tips

So I go to conventions a lot and if you are attending either book con or book expo here are my top 15 tips. I have been to comic con and book con before but I have never attended book expo! But I have gone to conventions a lot so here are some tips that I found helpful in the past!!!


  1. Just Remember why you are there! TO HAVE FUN!! It is suppose to be fun. If you come out of the convention with no books (follow my tips and you should snag a few) but just have fun and enjoy the experience as a whole and Be safe!
  2. Go into these events with super low  arc expectations! Echoing tip number one, I don’t want one arc that I don’t get to ruin my weekend and I just go into with my lists and just shoot for stuff but nothing if I don’t get will ruin my weekend!
  3. Go with a bookish Friend group! Massive shout to my bookish friend group (tiffany, Jen, Sarah, Justin, Marisa, Nicole, Brianna and Carolina) I go with a massive group of friends because it super fun and also arc trading and swapping occurs so much! These experience are blast with friends because even if you come home with not a ton of arcs the experience will make the weekend!
  4. Plan Plan! Plan! About a week before any con I go to, I will look through all the con stuff online and make a massive list of what drops are occurring when and where and then I figure out where i want to go too! Also top for he day, go to each booth and pick up your daily schedules from the booth and use those working back to war you made! It super helpful to have some plan and not to wander aimlessly all the time!
  5. Pick you book con autographing authors carefully! I try to only do authors at book con that never do or rarely do NYC singings like this year my top two are cassandra clare and Stephanie Garber! I really want books signed by this authors and they rarely have NYC tour dates! So pick those carefully! Cause no mather who you choose you will be online and away from the show floor for a hour or more!
  6. Know things will change and be flexible! Stuff will alter the day off and I always have back up plans in place if i can’t get on a line! Fun story, i missed out on the nightwalker arc at NYCC but I did get to meet the authors of zenith and get a signed arc 🙂 so sometimes missing something give you an even better experience!
  7. Be Kind and nice to the staff and also stay safe and be nice in line! Being rude to fellow book lovers and the people working the event (not an easy job btw) will get you nowhere. No pushing, no yelling and no arc stealing or cutting in line! We are book lovers and we should behave better so we can have a safe con for workers and  attendees alike!
  8. If you can at Book con avoid the massive arc drops! because you know it is going to crazy and you may not even get it. I did not do any at book con and still had a great time! It is just added insanity to your weekend! My rule is if i want this arc that badly i will def be buying it or if by some chance you are in the front of the line but be safe and kind in these lines and listen!
  9. Have Snacks, food and water and advil!! You never know when or how long you will be on a line for and always have food so you can have lunch waiting on line if needed. Have water (No soda) and so many snakes that will give you energy!
  10. Dress comfortable!!! Last year I went it in capri and cute bookish shirt and sneakers and it was the best thing.
  11. Always have backpack, my fanny back and also several tote bags!  Have places to store your arcs and other stuff you get!
  12. Have you phone or devices installed with apps like twitter, insta, facebook and mail and have a portable charger!! You want easy access to this info and a way to keep your phone charged!
  13. Remember the Purpose of the Convention!!! To get the word about about these books with reviews and buzz. If you get a arc please review it in some way. If you know you will never read and review something in a timely fashion (i am still guilty of this) maybe don’t take a arc. I am going to try my hardest to avoid getting adult arcs unless I NEED them!
  14. Have Fun!

Let me know your tips bellow! If you are coming to book con/ book expo come find me!

later book lovers!