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Hi friends!!!

I finally got to 100 subscribers on Book tube (yay)!! I am hosting a giveaway over there! I talk about in the video bellow



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What I am reading Monday!!!!

I actually had a pretty good reading week! I read some really important review books and most of the books I read were on the shorter side as well!

What I finished reading!!


I really loved this book and exploring more about Daja character. I really loved how the dynamic between the kids and their magic changed. I def want to read this final book in this part of the series soon!

What I am reading!


I am super excited to dive into this book. It involves cons and I am heading to several cons at the end of the month and hope this makes me even more excited so far. I hope it has Fan girl vibes!

What I want to read Next


I am really excited to finish this series. This is one of my favorite science fiction series!


This is another fantasy read for entangled!! It sounds super good!


This will be my first Sarah Dessen book and I am super excited!

What I am listening too!

Still working on Lady midnight but I am enjoying it so far!


Let me know in the comments what you plan to read this week!


Later book lovers!!