What I am reading Monday!!!!!!

So I had a pretty good reading week. I actually overall did pretty good on my overall month TBR! I read some larger books this week and that WAS super good, I enjoyed them!

What I finished Reading!


I loved this second book so much! I loved this author talk on Wonderland!!! I am really enjoyed all the new POV characters we meet and also the world building! So excited to read book 3 soon!

What I am Reading!!!

I have to finish two tour books for May and I reading them at the same time cause one is a book on kindle and one is on my computer!!!


This is such a fun read so far and I might wind up getting a physical copy!


This so far is cute contemporary 🙂

What I want to read next!!!

I promised my friend, I would read this book before I see her 🙂 see tiffany I do listen 🙂 I going to read and listen at the same time and see how I enjoy that experience!


This is quick cont. read that Is another net galley find!


I finally get to start a new to me book by china williams china! Yay!

What I am Listening too!

Finally guys! I listening to Lady Midnight!! YAY!

Let me know what you recently read and also what you want to read this week!


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