April Reading wrap up! Part 2!

So I actually had a amazing reading month! I actually read like 15 books and listened too 4 books! Check out my earlier 10 book recap! It will be the post before this one, I will repost it!


But Here are the rest of the books that I read!


  1. From Earth to the Shadows (4 stars)
  2. Everland (4.5 stars) (beat the backlist challenge)
  3. Ash Princess (5 stars) (PSRC author same name)
  4. Spies, Lies and Allies (5 stars)
  5. Summer Constellations (3.5 stars)
  6. Umberland ( 4.5 stars) (Beat the backlist challenge)


  1. Batman: Nightwalker (4.5 stars)! (Beat the backlist Challenge)
  2. This is me: Chrissy Metz (4 stars)!

Highlight of the month!

  1. Ash Princess
  2. Spies lies and Allies

Let me know in the comment what was your most exciting read this month!

Later book lovers!



What I am reading Monday!!!!!!

So I had a pretty good reading week. I actually overall did pretty good on my overall month TBR! I read some larger books this week and that WAS super good, I enjoyed them!

What I finished Reading!


I loved this second book so much! I loved this author talk on Wonderland!!! I am really enjoyed all the new POV characters we meet and also the world building! So excited to read book 3 soon!

What I am Reading!!!

I have to finish two tour books for May and I reading them at the same time cause one is a book on kindle and one is on my computer!!!


This is such a fun read so far and I might wind up getting a physical copy!


This so far is cute contemporary 🙂

What I want to read next!!!

I promised my friend, I would read this book before I see her 🙂 see tiffany I do listen 🙂 I going to read and listen at the same time and see how I enjoy that experience!


This is quick cont. read that Is another net galley find!


I finally get to start a new to me book by china williams china! Yay!

What I am Listening too!

Finally guys! I listening to Lady Midnight!! YAY!

Let me know what you recently read and also what you want to read this week!