What I am reading Monday!

I actually Had a pretty good reading week but really good listening week. I have also read much longer books as well and really liked everything I read!

What I finished reading!


I read this for the first time 2 years ago and remember loving it and really enjoyed my re-read I am so exited to read the other book in the series esp because we get to experience different POV characters!

What I am reading!


This was the second most exciting book I got at NYCC. I am enjoying it a lot and it has elements of both the lost princess but also rebel princess elements that I normally love. I am really enjoying it.

What I am reading next!

I can’t find a picture but one book is family of spies from entangled teen! I will be on a tour for this book early next month!


This is another entangled teen read and It sounds like a great summer read! I will be on a tour for this book early next month!


this is another review book, I am so excited to dive in!

What I am listening too!

I am about to start listening too, Lady midnight finally!

Later book lovers!