Books That Surprised me! (good or Bad) TTT

So I like this them a lot and i choose some books that have became my new favorites and some books that just let me down and did not make me like them or want to read more in this series!

The GOOD!!!

  1. Geekerella: Such a prefect romance but with so much more including fandom love, a cute dog and tears both good and bad! I read this book in two sittings and adored it!
  2. Pushing the Limits: This was the first ever pure romance book I read. I loved it. I loved how gritty the story was and how realistic it was. I feel so hard for all these characters and became so invested! If you are not romance reader but looking to read more books def check out this author various series!
  3. The clockwork scarb: I love retellings focused on various holmes myths. I loved the set up of this series and the focus on the two female leads! I really need to read book 4 🙂 But it was such a fun read and it was unexpected how much I liked it!
  4. Vampire Academy: I swore off any vampire themed novel but this one book turned me around Between the strong female characters and the amazing world building I was hooked!
  5. Everland: This book was such a fun read. I loved turning the wendy/ peter pan myth on its head. I thought it was such a fun read and really need to re-read and cont. on 🙂

The not so good

6. The Glittering Court: I just was not invested in either the plot or the characters. It was hard to root for the characters. I felt that world was not strong and I really struggled to read it. I think i would have like this series more if it had a fantasy element in the world like fairies etc.

7. Shatter Me: Ya this book screamed “darkest minds” and I could not look past that to see the story. I am not the biggest paranormal story girl but i stoped listening 20% and never went back.

8. Until Friday Night: The almost unhealthy relationship between the two leads made me struggle to read this book!

9. The darkest mine: I really struggled with this book between both the plot and the characters. I really hated the lead and did not care about the plot and struggled through it! I do hope i will enjoy more books by this author in the future.

The Best!


I really loved things middle grad book so much! It is set in NYC and I just loved it. I loved the whole book and just the kids were adorable. It made me so happy and will def be checking out the sequel!

Tell me in the comments what book surprise you in a good way or a bad way!


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