The 2017 Year In Review Book Tag

I totally stole this tag from The Artsy Reader Girl!


This book tag was created by A Booktube Book. The image was created by Lindsey Reads.

I love doing book tags, and this one seemed like a fun way to wrap up 2017! The creator of the tag has encouraged us to match up books with current events. What a fun way to remember the year. 🙂 I tried not to repeat books or books by the same author 🙂

1. First Ever Female Doctor Who:

Favorite Female Protagonist

Ruby: Fire Blood!


This book has such a strong female lead in Frost blood. I grew to love ruby and I became so  invested in her path in this book. She became so strong and can’t wait to keep reading about her in book two 🙂

2. GCC Cuts Toes with Qatar:

An Author You Cut Ties With

Stephanie Meyer


I officially made this choice this year. I really don’t want to read anything by this author. I really never was fan of her twilight series and just don’t want to support her or how she writes her female characters. I will be content to hear other people thoughts but not read anything else by her.

3. La La Land Oscar Mix-Up:

A Book That surprised You


I always enjoyed this series. But this prequel book following Tom and his friends before the maze. I really loved this book and it shocked me. I loved seeing how everything  tied together and it was such a great read. This is def. my favorite book of the series! And did not expect that!

4. Hurricanes and Earthquakes:

A Book That Rocked Your World

I have talked about this much so much. But this book rocked my emotions. I feel so hard for this book and it really shocked me emotionally invested this book got me. It made me cry and that is no easy to do! Remains one of my top. cont. books I have read in a while.

5. Louvre Abu Dhabi:

Favorite Book Cover Art


I loved this book cover so much! I returned my lib. copy and bought my own copy. It will also be added to my collection of signed books because it will be singed by both authors by the end of Jan.

6. Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi Sells for $450M:

A Take-My-Money Book

So I allready have like 3 copies of these books but these editions including side  books  must be owned. They need to be in my forever collection! I am in love with all the illustrations!

7. Total Eclipse:

A Sequel That Overshadows the First Book


I loved this book so much more than book one. That is for one massive reason! The girl power and the girls changed dynamics made this book so much fun to read and a tad darker. I really loved it. I def. need to add this book series to my forever collection.

8. Muslim Ban:

Favorite Diverse Book


I really loved diversity in this book. The reason I loved it was seamless done and most people when reading told me that book was diverse. But I loved it because that is how diversity should be reflected in novels!

9. Italy Doesn’t Qualify for World Cup:

Most Disappointing Book


I really wanted to love this book. But i could not stand the main character at all. She did not get better and the plot was not what I was expecting. It was not awful but i won’t read it again.

10. Prince Harry Engaged:

Favorite Ship


I read this whole series this year and love Kat and her boy so much in this series. I loved their relationship over the course of the three books. It is such a fun ship and it just makes me smile thinking about them!

11. Star Wars: The Last Jedi:

Most Anticipated Book


I really am so excited for this book! I love holly black as writer and have heard so many good things about this series! I am starting it the second I am done with this post!

Which books would you pick for these prompts?
Do you agree or disagree with my choices?

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