TOP 19 BOOKS OF 2017!

This is my full list of my top books of 2017! This video became super long but I give my longer thoughts!

  1. 1. Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor:

    I really loved this book so much! I loved no only the plot but also the new characters. I just loved how Rick had a gender fluid character in the mix and also just all the hijix that occurred. It was such a fun read and I really thought it was a great sequel to the first one!

2. Wayfar by Alexsandra Bracken:

I really loved this conclusion to the series. I loved how it dealt with all the historical issues of the time period but also how it also dealt with their ability to time travel. All of these characters really captured my heart and I really love not only how she crafted this world but also the characters she created. A very good conclusion to this series!

3.  Gemina by Ami Kaufman and Jay Kristoff:

I really loved this book so much. It is still creepy but I loved not only the new characters that we met but also how the tied into book 1. I also loved the representation in this book and a also the new formatting choices that were made. It was just a engaging read and remains a year highlight for me!

4.  Long way Home by Katie McGary:

I loved falling back in to all romance books and this book did not disappoint me. I really loved not only this story but also both leads. I really wanted both characters to be happy and it was such a emotional read. I def fell hard for these characters!

5. WindWitch by Susan Dennard

I really did struggle at the start of book 1 of this series. But book two had me captured from page one. I loved not only the plot of book two more then book one but also the distance between the leads made the story even more compelling. I loved book two and am dying for book3. But I really loved this book so much, i will def read this again in 2018!

6. Their Fractured light: Kaufman and Spooner:

This was such a solid ending to this series. The highlight of this book was seeing how all the characters all six of them tied or connected back to each other. This series was def. a tightly crafted story but the characters remain series highlight for me.

7. The last of August by Brittany C.

I thought this was great second book in this series. The new setting and new characters added some new blood to the series that I really enjoyed. I love Jamie even more each time i read this series.

8. Geekerella: Ashly Poston:

I loved this book so much. It was the prefect cinderella retelling meets fandom fun! I alight i cried and gained a new favorite book boyfriend and new author to keep an out for in the future!

9. The Unlikelies

This book was such a fun summer read both about being a hero and also friendship and finding your place in the world. I really loved not only the concept of the this book but also the characters. I def. want to re-listen to this in 2018!

10. Roar by Cora Cormak

This book was my top fantasy book of the year. I really loved not only the lead of this book but also the world and the magic system in this book! It was unique story that left me suprised and shocked! I needed book 2! Such a good read

11. WarCross:

I really loved this book and how Liu crafted the world. I thought it also was another very diverse novel and really was captured from page one. The very end of the book suprised me and had me anxious for book 2!

12. Before She Ignites

I enjoyed this book so much. I really loved both the political drama and also the various time lines we got. I loved the dragons in this story and was so impressed by it. The book was such a fun read and kept me on the edge of my seat. The political drama was the highlight and I can’t wait for book 2!

13. One Dark Throne

I really loved this book. I thought the characters and the plot was so unique the female elements and dynamics were a highlight. Jules was def. a Vip for me in the novel and I really loved how the various magic systems were expanded on. I just loved how the sisters dynamics changed. I really can’t wait for book 3 and the novellas.

14. Perfect Scoundrels

I thought this a such  solid ending to the series. I loved the heist in this book so much and also the heist dynamics and also how this world ended. It was a great story and this series is now my top series of Ally Carter.

15. Apocalypse Memories

This is def, one of my favorite Buffy tie in books I have ever read. If you are willow fan and enjoy willow and Zander friendship and the aftermath of evil willow and her redemption. This stuff is my favorite. I think you would love this book! I really also liked the case of the week and was very impressed by it!

16. Frost Blood

I really loved the world building and the magic system in this world. I also really loved the main characters and was really impressed by this novel. It has so many unexpected twists and was such a fun and cold read for the winter time! I can’t wait to dive into book two!

17. RoseMarked

I really loved this book. It was the prefect mix of ember in the ashes and the cinder series. I was equally invested in both POV and the romance grew on me. The plot was very fast pace and It impressed me. I really hope we get book two this year!

18. FeverCode

This is the prequel novel to the maze runner series and remains a series highlight. I loved seeing the what lead to book one and how everything tied together, It quickly made the series so much better and I really loved it! It is a book I would def re-read in the future!

19. Everless by Sara Holland:

This book does not come out until Jan. But i simply fell in love with the not only the characters but also the world building. The world building was the highlight. The book had also such a strong mystery that captivated me from page one! I really did not see the end coming and will def. re-read this in 20181

Let me know in the comments what are some of your top ten books you read in 2017!

Later book lovers!

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