2018 Wishlist Top Five Wed!

So this was  fun list to create! It is the type of books I hope we see more of in 2018! Also check out my video were I go into more detail.

  1. Contemporary books set in the same world: I really adore series like what Katie McGary does like each book focused on a couple of one character. I think these series allow me to became invested in all the characters and just am so excited for the individual books. Going of of this I would love authors to keep writing books in these series because there are some outstanding characters that need their own books!
  2. I love books series that have magic as focus in the series. I have been watching a lot of magic based shows and would love to read some unique magic  books that have creative magic systems.
  3. I would also love to see books inspired or branching off of t.v shows like Stranger things or runaways. I would love to see books that expand on this material.
  4. I want to see more male lead fantasy stories. I say this a lot, but I want some male led stories as well as the female ones.
  5. I want more super hero novels but not the popular ones. I wanted to see books that explore various characters and darker ones!

Let me know in the comments what type of books you hope to see in 2018!

Later Book Lovers!


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