Books I am thankful for 2017

So I am going to combine top ten tuesday and top five wed. These are the books I am so thankful for! If you have been following me for awhile these titles won’t be a surprise to you. I tried to limit these books to one by an author and just talked about series in general and also just authors in general.  These are the books that I talk about in the video below!

  1. Harry Potter: This book series: This series has changed my life and I gush about in the video above.
  2. Simon verse the Homsopian agenda series: The real life characters just are so special and I love this story so much!
  3. Better off friends: This book is the first book that I feel reflected my own friendship with my best friend in high school and I have never read something like this before.
  4. Lola and the boy next store: I adore this book and these characters so much. I just am such a fan of this book and I gush about it some more in this video!
  5. Cinder: I adored her take on fairytale retelling and how she made the stories fit her needs. I loved all the leads and just how each book build on such a long term story! Remains one of my top fantasy series of all time!
  6. Dare you too: I loved this couple so much and the strong self discovery path for both characters and it is very swoon worthy!
  7. Rick Riordan: I love how is writing formal not only creates fun stories but also teaches kids about mythology in a fun way!
  8. The unexpected everything: I just thought this book was such a fun adventure but the characters made this book a book I am thankful for!
  9. Shadowhunters: I love this series so much. I remain that the love triangle in the infernal devices series and also the friendship dynamics as well!

Let me know some books in the comments you are thankful for!

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