What I am reading Monday!

So this week has been tough for reading. I won’t lie. I have been trying to finish my final exam for grad school and it did not leave much time for reading for fun! Good news, I am so close to being done and then I can increase my content level for you!

What I have finished reading!


I actually really loved this book. It was such a fast pace read and the prefect fantasy break. I really loved all the main characters and monty is so fun lead and I just thought it was such a fun ride and really dealt with some many issues that I enjoy in historical fiction novels! I will def be checking out the sequel focusing on his sister coming out next year!  Check out my review, i will post it soon!

What I am currently Reading!


This was a random library find. I just stared it. I am enjoying it so far. The world building is very complex, so i have to pay very close attention. But I am enjoying the lead character and the world!

What I want to Read Next:

I got this at NYCC and I really want to read it. It sounds like  very cool fantasy novel. I started reading during the con and really enjoyed it!

This another one of my Net Galley titles that seems like a fun mythology adventure!

This was one if the highlights of my book con haul! And I am so excited to finally read it!

What I have been listening too!

I am trying to finish season one of the remade podcast! I am so close to being done and able to start season 2! I will do a full season review on my blog/channel!

Later book lovers!


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