Book tube Giveaway! Closed!!

I finally reached 50 subscribers on my on my bookish tube channel!


Thank you for entering my giveaway and please stay tuned for more giveaways on my channel in the future!  The winters have been contacted!

Channel Link!!

It has been a long process to get to this point. I just wanted to thank all my subscribers for following me and watching my videos.


This giveaway is open for both American and International listeners!

If you are from American you choose a book of your choice under 20.00 and I will send it to you from amazon

If you are not from America you will choose a book of your choice under 20.00 and I will send it you from  book depository!

If you are from America and want a book from Book depository you can also choose one from that site as well!

This giveaway will be open for a week!

giveaway link! 

May the odds be in your favor!





2 thoughts on “Book tube Giveaway! Closed!!

  1. I’m not sure! Usually I watch my Amazon cart for price drops and buy hardcovers of books I liked on Kindle. So maybe The Hate U Give, or one of Adam Silvera’s books. …I don’t know!
    Thanks for the great chance. Also, I am following and I did confirm but I may have entered the info a bit wrong in the rafflecopter (I think I put my email, so I should be okay). Thanks!


  2. I would buy Royal Bastards because i can’t find it at the library or “I’m not your perfect mexican daughter” or The sequel to how to hang a witch… goodness there are so many more!


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