Top 5 Wed: Favorite Fan Casts

Hi all,

This was a fun video to do. I sometimes view actors/ actresses in lead roles in books. So this was a fun video to create!


  1. Chasing the impossible: Abby and Logan

I think this is one of my favorite books by Katie. I could easily see Spencer from PLL as Abby and Dylan O Brien as Logan. I really loved both actors but they could def potray these characters. I would love to see all of these books adapted but this one if my favorite.


2. Long way Home by Katie McGary

My fan casting for the book would be for Violet i would cast Katherine Langford. I think she is such a strong character and as a actress she could def take this character on a cool ride. I would love to see her in this role. I would also take her 13 reason why coster Cristian who plays Tony as Chevy. I would love to see them play not only these roles but also play off of each other.

3. Cress by Marisa Meyer


I would loved to see the the actress who plays Allison on PLL as Cress. I think she could play the various sides character so well. You don’t often get to see her sweet side and I think she could def see her playing this role and now I need to make this happen.

4. The Heist Society: Ally Carter


This was such a easy casting choice and this is the actress the played Alison on Teen wolf. I think she has not only the prefect look but also the right calculating demeanor that would work lovely for this character. I think she pay the logical side but also the romance drama that is in her life as well!

5. The Map of Fates:


I would cast Tom Holland as Jack in this series. He is british and also needs some “flexibility” as body guard. And he is also so cute, I want him in all my movies. Spiderman really has made me want to see him in more movies. But I think he would do very well in this role with both the thriller elements and also the mystery he is trying to solve!

Let me know in the comments what are some books you would fan cast and why!

later book lovers