Ten Older Books I Forgot How Much I Loved: Top five Tuesday!

I have been a reader for so long so I am going to dive back to books I read awhile ago.  I am going to do an abbreviated version of this and do five books this week! sorry my week got away from me!

  1. The Divners by Libba Bray


I read the first book so long ago. But i really loved the concept of this novel and also the setting. It is a monster of a book but it the world was so well crafted and it was so well done. The third book comes out soon but this series is def worth the read!

2. The Naturals by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


I loved this FBI profile series so much. I love all the leads so much and it was such a well done series. The mysteries were always hard to guess but the heart of this story was the lovely leads who capture your heart from page one. I really want more books in this series and want more people to read them.

3. The Fixer by Jennifer Lynn Barnes


This is another under appreciated series from this author. It is about a girl who sister is the govt. fixer like an Olivia Pope. I really loved the intrigue in this series and so badly wanted a book three. It has a okay ending but there so much more to tell in this world.

4.  Stephan White books


I was really addicted to this series in college. They mysteries with psychologist at the for front and I was so addicted to them. I loved all the mysteries and also the reality of the books. It was a quick read but overall I loved the overall story from book to book.

5. Luck in the shadows


This was the first LGBTQ story I ever read. But i adored this world. I loved the world that was build. I loved the characters and this book was such a good book series. I have not  o completed the series because I want to not know the ending but one day I will. I really loved this books and my friend shannon turned me on to this author.

6. The Bone Doll Twin


This is another one of lynn series that I loved. Her books are always so creepy but also so well done and lovely world building. I really hopes she writes more books one day cause she is lovely storyteller.

Let me know what are some of your favorite reads for awhile ago!

later book lovers!