What I am reading Monday!

I had a pretty good reading week. I have def. dived into more creepy books and some long awaited books that I wanted to read.

What I just finished reading!


This was the prefect creepy middle grade novel! I thought it was so well done! I really loved the witch elements and also the world building check out my review later tonight!

What I am reading!

I am loving the sequel! Wish i would have re-read book one.. nEED re read both before book 3!

What I will be reading Next!

I have heard mixed things about this book but i want a creepy novel for this month!

27 Hours (The Nightside Saga, #1)

This is another book for review and It sounds really cool!

I did like the first couple of books in this series and am willing to give the sequel series a chance for review!

I am still listening to city of heavenly fire!

Let me Know in the comments what you are reading!

Later book lovers!