What I am reading monday:

Hi all! I really have a had a great reading week. I am still making progress on my arcs. But I am loving everything I have planned this week. I do start school this week but still 2 more weeks until student teaching so still some weeks to cram in all the books!

What I just Finished

This was a such a creepy read but i really enjoyed check out my review soon! It was from entangled. It was nice contained story and really creepy ghost story!

What I am reading

I was given a second book arc at book con and really am in the mood to read more middle grade! I hope to start this tonight!


What I want to read next:

This is stephanie’s first venture into horror and I really am excited for it!

I have a e-arc of book 2 and I heard many good things about this novel and I really want to dig into it!

I will admit 3 dark crowns was a slow burn but the ending was so good and I need to read this book SOON!

What I have been listening to!

I finally am caught up on podcasts and am listing too:

I really do love listening to these and this ending has been awhile since i read it! very good narrators as well!

Let me know what you are reading this week!

later book lovers



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