Bookish Podcast Recommendations

Hi all,

I saw this tag on a couple of different channels and decided to do a whole post and video about. I tend to listen to a lot of podcast and some of them are even considered book related or they talk about books a lot.

  1. Muggle Cast:


Muggle cast is the massive reason I stated listening to podcasts and back in the day it had some of the best harry potter coverage. I still listen to those eps. leading up to deathly hallows so often. They also have eps. recaping most of the books. They also have the most consistent coverage currently for current harry potter era and Fantastic beasts. I love this current podcasting trio and highly rec. it.


2.  Book Hype:


This is one of my favorite book podcasts. I have listen to Karen, Kirsten and Brit for so long. They have their own book club, do news roud ups and also interviews. I look to them for book recs. so often and just look foward to listening to this every week. This was one of the first podcasts I started listening to after muggle cast! If you are book lover I highly rec. this podcast!

Book Hype

3. Hype:


This is another podcast from Hypeable and I really love this podcast. It is general fandom news podcast. They cover a lot of books and adaptation news and is a massive reasons I won a book related trivia contest lol. But i love the hosts thoughts and was even on a call in eps. recently. It really makes you look at opinions other then your own. They also have a book club through patron and also about to start a merlin rewatch! Another podcast I rec.


4. Alohomore: The global reread of Harry Potter


This i am caught the train so late. But they have already con though the entire series and do a deep dive in to each chapter in the series. I love all the hosts and also all the guest hosts they get. This podcast is so joy to listen to and they have moved beyond and are doing a deeper dive into the entire potter catalogue and also various topics. I am just about to start the 6th book as well! If you are looking for a chance to read the series again this is a great podcast to read along with.


Let me know in the comments what bookish podcast do you listen to! I hope you check these out! Let me know if you do 🙂


Book lovers!






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