What I am reading Monday:

So i am pretty good reading week! It has not been my best. But i am still in my contemporary read focused type of books. I am also trying to read many arcs I got from book con!

What I just finished reading!


This was adorable sequel in this series. I loved the new case and also the developement in the relationships between the two leads. It was such a fun read and def middle grade focused. I loved it though!


This book took me awhile to read. it was  tad on the longer side and it confused me at points. I really did love both main characters and it was such a fun read. I normally read short books in the summer and hope to read less fantasy this summer!

What I am reading


I am so hooked on this novel and i can’t wait to read more! It has been very fun and i am enjoying it a lot!

What I am reading Next

I am excited to read this story because it sounds like pretty little lairs meets the beach!


This is the next book i got for review. it is another fantasy novel!

This another highly anticipated novel that sounds so cool! I hope to read this soon!

What I am Listening too!

Still tying to catch up on my podcast. I am cuttingly listening to book hype and hype both humble podcasts!

What have you all be reading tell me in the comments!

Later book lovers!







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