July Wrap up 2017

I had a really good reading month. I wound up completing 14 books and I finished listening to one book. Below is my video reading wrap up.


Books I read:

  1. Heist Society: 4 stars
  2. Words in deep blue: 4 stars
  3. The book of Fours: 3 Stars (Buffy tie in novel season 3)
  4. The perfectly imperfect match: 5 stars *entagangled teen review
  5. Internet Famous: 4 Stars
  6. The Unlikelies: 5 Stars
  7. They both die in the end: 4 stars
  8. Β Better of friends: 4 Stars
  9. City of Fallen Angles (audibook) 4 stars
  10. Roar: 5 stars
  11. We know it was you: 3 stars
  12. Harry potter book 1: 5 stars (obviously)
  13. Alex, Approximately: 3.5 stars
  14. One true Pairing: 3.5 Stars
  15. The Big F: 3 stars

My Top books of the Month

  1. The Unlikelies
  2. Roar
  3. We both die in the end
  4. Heist society

My Least favorite books of the month

  1. We know it was you
  2. Alex approximately

These are all the books i read this month. I am very excited for august cause it is my birthday month and I hope to get into some of book con arcs that have been teasing me on my shelf!

What is your favorite book that you read this month? Let me know in the comments!

Later Book lovers


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