One true Pairing: Review

One True Pairing  by Cathy Yardley


Published by  Swerve  on July 25, 2017

Genres: Young Adult, contemporary

Pages:  221

Format: Arc

Source: Netgally

Series: Fandom Hearts book 2:

  • book one is on sale for 1.99: book 1



They couldn’t be more opposite, the Hollywood actor and the hometown girl, but all they need is a little convention magic to become the perfect ship in Cathy Yardley’s One True Pairing.

Jake Reese needs a decoy girlfriend. Fast. The lead actor of the popular TV show,Mystics, is tired of losing his shirt to overeager fans. Literally. Which is why a chance meeting with gothabilly bookworm-slash-barista Hailey Frost seems almost too perfect to be true. Hailey is not impressed with his TV fame and is desperate to save her family’s bookstore. It’s a match made in Hollywood, but as the two pretend to date, fan fiction becomes reality. Can this OTP become canon?


* I got this book for free from the publisher for my honest review*
I really did love this book. It was such a fun concept for a novel and it for cont. it was super hard to predict the events of this novel. I loved both main characters a lot and also their romance. It was very hot and super fun. I loved the elements of fandom and also hollywood involved with the male lead and I enjoyed his character a lot. I thought the story was grounded in reality but also focused so much on fandom and also con life. I was hooked from page one. I loved getting both characters POV and it made the book even more compelling. I would love a book in the future following the other two heartthrobs because I want to learn more about them. It was super fun read and def. is considered NA so be warned younger readers.





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