Top 5 Wed: Series that got Better

Hi book friends!

I am back with a top five wed. I am happy to be back. I found this topic interesting because normally I feel book series get better but some series def. stood out to me. Here are my Top five series that got better.

  1. Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare

I talked about this in the couples that I love to hate but when the city of bones series moved past the simon, clary and Jace triangle I enjoyed the book series so much more and really prefer the last books to the first in this series and won’t even re-read those books I start reading after book 2. I am about to start the final book in that series and then move on to the other novels in that series. I felt the stories got more complicated and interested me more when romance triangle drama was not the focus.

2. The Maze Runner by James Dashner


I thought that the book series after book one got so much better. It really focused more on the characters and also went into some more intense emotional drama but It moved past being a typical dystopian novel and I just loved how James changed the game and setting in each book and how those things impacted the characters. It was fun series and I hope to read The Fever Code prequel soon!

3. Bloodlines by  Richelle Mead


I overall grew to love this series but It started off very slow in book one and two but around book 3 this book increased the drama and the intensity and the romance and i really loved and loved how difference it was from VA. I think sydney became one of my favorite characters and it was fun series but it started of slow and I highly rec that you keep reading.

4. The Hannah Swensen Series by Joanne Fluke


This one is so easy because the mysteries just get stronger. The first couple of books in this series the mysteries are so easy to predict but the later books in this series became decent and the by then I have enjoyed all the characters and stronger mysteries made me love this series even more.

5. These Broken Stars:


This is book is a very intense sci-fi novel and the first book was a rough read just because it focused so much on the science stuff that it lost me at points. I grew to like the second and third book more because with the sci-fi foundation I was able to focus on the characters more and I loved all the interconnections between the other characters in the later novels!

Comment below with series that you think got better!

Later book Lovers





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