What I am reading Monday:

I did have a pretty good reading week. I will admit We know it was you was not super engaging so it made me read slower but I am so happy that completed that book and get to move to more some cont. themed books.

What I Just finished!

I read this book because you all choose it. It was not my favorite book and the mystery did not capture me as much a wanted but I will hopefully check out the sequel this fall and see if I like that better

This book was so lovely. It impressed me so much. I love all the characters that we met and also the magic system and I need book two now but sadly need to wait a year. It was so good. Check out my review!

What I am reading now

This book is so cute and I am enjoying it so far. It is a you got mail retelling!


What I want to read next:

This is a book that I got for review and it sounds like a adorable summer read with some fandom love involved!

This is the sequel to heist society and I am so excited to get to this book!

This book sounds so cute and is another fun summer read but deals with harder topics!

What I am listening too!

I finally finished City of Lost souls and have been trying to catch up on podcast including NATW, Book hype and Hype!

I will see you guys next week! Comment bellow about what you guys are reading!

later book lovers!





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