Reader Workouts:

Hi all, I have been waiting for the Top ten tuesday meme to come back. I have always wanted to to do a post like this so i decide until that meme comes back I will be taking about my what I plan to do each day as a work out.

This week is going to be a little bit odd because I am going int the city a lot. I also work at gym and normally work out normally three days a week but this week it will be two days were I do weights on arms, legs and core. I look foward to this workout cause I get to listen to my audiobooks of City of lost souls by CC. I have read this book before so it is nice background sounds for my workout.

I am going to the city monday and tuesday for some book shopping and a book signing so I won’t be working out with my bike rides but I will be walking a lot with the lovely Sarah ( HI SARAH!!!)

I wil be back to my workout plans on Wed-Sat. I will be re-doing the first week of my couch to 5k for my harry potter themed running club were I am puff. I will also hopefully go for nice bike ride and do a work out from my workout dvds.

This is such some of my goals and I will check i next week to see if i follows my goals!

Later book Lovers



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