Top five: Middle grade or Children Books

Hi books friends!

My top five middle grade or children books are the following. I avoid using harry potter and or then highly popular rick riordan series. I did also include one children book series because I have used them a lot in my classroom!

  1. The Red Pryamid Series
  2. 51iXg+CcMcL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

This Rick Riordan series does not get a whole lot of love but I really enjoyed it. I actually hope to re-read this series soon. I loved the focus on sibling relationship and also just all the action and the adventure. This series does deal with egyptian mythology but it is so much fun!

2. Land of Stories by Chris Colfer:


I was so impressed by this series. I have listen to all the audiobooks that Chris reads himself and the story is so well done. I love the twins at the hear of it and also how well crafted this story is and how it gives a new twist to fairy tales. I have enjoyed all the books in the series and hope to listen the last book in this series soon!

3.  39 Clue Series

This is a long term series that has many additional series. I really loved this series so much and still read it today. I loved how history is used to became even more engaging and fun for kids. I really loved all the main characters and it is action adventure story that all little kids will enjoy!

4. The explores series:


I thought this was a great start to a series another super cute adventure series that has two very different main characters and a very fun adventure. It was such a fast pace series that really focused on the charters in such fun situations!

5. The day the crayons quit series:


I use this books with the kids I work with as a theater teacher and they love it. It is just a cute series and I loved reading these to the kids and they are so funny!


What are some of your top 5 children book series or middle grade series! Comment below and let me know!





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