What am I reading!

I had a pretty good reading week. I will admit Buffy the vampire slayer has taken over my life a bit. I have been loving my rewatch so have been reading some Buffy related books and watching a lot of t.v. I just started watching season 4 and I am enjoying it because i am focusing my rewatch on willow her best moments! It has been fun!

What I finished reading:

The Books of Fours by Nacy Holden (Buffy verse)

I really loved the focus that this book had on both the slayer line and also the female characters including faith, buffy, cordila and willow. It was a very complicated read because their were so many different timelines but overall it was so nice way to fall back into the buffy verse though books!

This book was so cute. I loved the elements of opposite attract so much. I really love both main characters . I read this in about two days. It was equally invested in both POV and thought it was so much fun to read. I loved how the boy was the organized one and the by the book characters and the girl Lucy was the opp. it was such a fun read. Check out my review in a couple of weeks.

This story was so cute. I just finished it. I loved the blog posts and chats as a part of the book. It was super fun read but dealt with harder issues like cybey bulling and family members that have learning challenges. But I loved the look at fandom life and fandom culture and also really liked the romance elements in the story. I really like stories that have elements of self discovery and this def addressed those topics 🙂

What I want to read Next:

” Five teens embark on a summer of vigilante good samartism in the novel that is part Breakfast club”

I have heard so many things about this book and want to read it ASAP!

Book hype told me to read this so It will be read!


What am I listening too:

It is still a process guys! I am getting close to the end!

later book lovers!






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