Top Five Wed: : Books Without Romance

I will admit this was so hard. So many books have romance as focus. So i choose books that either have no romance or very little focus on it. Again this was hard.

  1. This Savage Song

This book has been Labeled the anti romance. I def saw that in the first book. I really enjoyed both main characters. There is such a strong focus on good verse evil and who is hero and who is villain and just loved the story. I liked the strong relationship that developed between the characters and them not going anywhere near the romance stuff. It made the book so much more compelling because I did not know where it would go.

2.  The Kane Chronicles:

I have not read this book in awhile but I don’t recall any real romance in this book minus some minor stuff and I would not even call it romance, It has a strong focus on mythology and survival and the brother and sisters relationship. This series does not get a a lot of fun but I found it to be quite a fun read.

3. Madness so Discreet

This book was very creepy but had not real romance plot. It was def worth the read but the main character I did have some problems with. It was super great fall read. It had a cool setting and a cool mystery. I would rec, you check it out.

4. I am Princess X

This book has no romance and focuses mostly on the mystery and the friendship elements. It was told in unique format with both writing and comic pages. The mystery was not my favorite but it was a fun read.

5. Terrier:

This is one of the view books that she has ever wrote that did not really have romance sup plot. I liked it because it forced me to get to know and love Beka without any romance issues. It was  super long book but I really enjoyed it.




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