What are you reading!

I have gotten some books done this week! I am def. still in my contemporary/ mystery kick and I am loving all the books I am reading,

I just finished!

I really love this book and thought it was so fast pace. I really love all the heist members that we met and hope to read the second book soon. I love the family drama and the heist story. I was such a fun read!

What I am reading now!

I am half way done with this book. I love books that set in book stores. I also love stories that have grief elements and a past relationship that comes back into your life and this book has all the elements. I hope to finish it soon!

I am in the middle of intense Buffy rewatch ( I am on season 6) and this book just called out to me! Buffy is one of my favorite t.v shows of all time with some of my favorite characters so I love getting side stories in the same world esp. when they focus on Faith, Buffy and willow.

What to read next:

I am reviewing this book for entangled teen soon! It sounds adorable and hope to read it soon!

What I am listening too:

I am getting close to the end only five hours left. Still really enjoying it!

What are you all reading! Let me know in the comments!


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