Top five Ships I hate to love

So this was actually a really easy list for me to come up with. I am always a fan of the under dog romance and normally want the best friend to be the winner and get the girl and usually don’t get my wish!

  1. Clary and Jace:

I was such a big Simon and Clary fan that even to this day I can’t go back and read book 1  and 2. I hate how the mysterious guy always gets the girl and Clary drove me crazy and basically caused simon to get turned into vampire. I will admit much later books in the series I grew to love Clary and Jace but that was because of Simon future love connections. But I def was not a fan of their start of their relationship.

2. Bella and Edward:

I was never a big fan of Bella and Edward. I just hated what Edward brought out in Bella and did not like how they interacted. I did not like the nature of Edward in reference to Bella and how she lost all her agency. I know Bella is suppose to be vessel character but I did not like their relationship at all. I really enjoyed Jacob and Bella. I still feel this way and think the imprinting thing at the end was a cop out!

3.  Hannah and Mike and Hannah and Rose

I really love Hannah and Norman. I enjoy them so much and how sweet they are. And both Mike and Hannah and Rose and Hannah go against this. I don’t like how controlling mike is and think that he needed to cool down and be less on top of her. Rose is new complication and I just don’t trust him. I just want Hannah to be happy with their cats is that too much to ask!

4. Mare and Maven

This is couple that I do hate. Because Maven Is a crazy and deadly. But I do like their banter back and forth and in the first book he did trick me. I was so played in the first book and still now I still like their dynamics. But i need to complete this series to make my final choice.

5. America and The Prince

I know this one is super unpopular but I really like America and Aspen realtionship. I think it has history and just they are focused on more things then drama. I just don’t like all the wish washy stuff but I still like them more so anytime they get closer (America and the Prince) i get annoyed and sense my ship falling away. I know I need to read the last book but it won’t make me happy if my predictions are correct.


What are some of your ships that you Hate to love! Comment below!

Later Book Lovers





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