Summer Flings Reading Challenge:

Hi book friends,

A book group I am in has made up a summer read challenge. I am going to attempt to  follow this the best that I can. The challenge is only required to do one per category but I am going to attempt to read 2 books per the theme over the whole summer. I have so many summer/ contemporary books That I want to read. I am going to list the themes and the books I choose for each section. I will them talk about them in the above video! I will hopefully read half the books in July and half in august.


LGBT + Romance: They both die in the end and  History is all you left me

Online Romance:  Internet Famous and Alex, Approximately

OTP: Shadow and Bone and RoseMarked

Star crossed lovers: Wesely James ruined my life and The big F and Words in the deep blue

Friendship Goals: The Unlikelies and Windfall

Beach Read: Keeping the Moon

Decade Old: This Lullaby and The Truth about forever

If you want to take part in this challenge comment bellow and make your books choices!

I am so excited to dig into these novels soon and share my thoughts with you all!

Later book lovers







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