Top Five Wednesday: Favorite “Unlikeable” Protagonists

Hi book friends,

Today I am going to talk about some of my favorite unlikeable characters. I will admit I look up on goodreads and pulled them from a long list and will talk about them below and in my video above.

  1. Darker Shades of Magic: Kel:

I really like the main character. I think his morality and role of magician may be the reason some people don’t like him. I think he can sometimes be viewed a selfish but overall I don’t think his actions are all mean spirited. He is the type of character that does have his own code and i understand and even like his code so that may be way I liked him.

2. Paper Princess by Erin Watt: Reid

I will admit this character does have some issues but I still want to read the series and really see the story through his head. I def view him as a unlikable character but I want to see this story though his head and understand him better. However the fact that i don’t always understand this character but I hope maybe the next books in this series will redeem him or make me understand him more.

3.    Jackaby by William Ritter:  R. F. Jackaby,

I know he is hard character the read about and even like but I really enjoy it. He again has a unique code that he lives by and his very hard to like. But was intrigued by his character and I loved the relationship that he had with abby. I hope to read more of this series in the future

4. A Study of Charlotte: Charlotte Holmes

I really loved this character. Again she is very unlikable but I just love how she crafted in this world. I think her life dealing with drugs and also her crime solving techniques makes me hard to get to know but she is very cool character to read about. Her dynamics with the other characters like Jamie really make this book.

5. Fault in our Stars: Hazel

I know she is dealing with some much and she is overall a very depressive person but i grew to like her throughout the novel. Her outlook on life is not anything like mine but I loved being in her head for a little while and seeing how that lines can effect a person life.

These are just some of my unlikable characters that I still root for. Who are yours comment below!

















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