Book Beginnings on Fridays

Hi book friend,

Today I am going to tease you about a book I am reading for review it comes out early July.

The book first paragraph is ” In two days I’m LA bound. I can’t believe it’s finally happening. I’ve got money in my pocket, a nonrefundable one-way ticket and a reservation for an extended stay in Hollywood. Hollywood! Insanity.


This book is called Falling for  forever by Melissa Chambers . It is actually the second  book in a series called Before Forever!


My thoughts: I started reading the second book first in this series just because it sounded so cool. I do know the first book follows this main characters best friend. This book is so much fun though! It is about this girl Jenna who is so determined to run away to LA and try her time at fame in the music industry. A unexpected opening keeps in Nashville and at local arts high school and her life is turn upside down when a a secret about the t.v signing show she competed in is told in the eyes of miles her new classmate!

So far I love the high school world and the music industry world and how they are interacting. I really love the character of miles because we also gets his point of view. I am warming up to Jenna but I really love the plot of this novel!

If you want a super fun novel about the music industry and first love, I would check it out when it comes out July 6th!

I will be having a gift card giveaway with this book come July! So check back 🙂


Later book lovers



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