Side Ships: Top 5 Wednesday!

Hi book friends,


The theme this week for this meme is my favorite side ships the don’t include the protagonist. This was hard to choose but I did my best!


  1. Ron and Hermione: Harry Potter

I think this slow burn relationship was so well done. I love how long it took them to get together and just the bickering and humor that majority of their relationship was about. It took Ron so long to actually deserve Hermione and they both had such a impact on each other. There first kiss was pretty awesome in book 7 and will forever adore both their friendship and their relationship!

2. Chris and Lacey: Dare you too:

Unlike many of the other popular ships in the pushing the limits series these two characters never get their own book. I just love both of these characters and loved seeing how there relationship progresses through the whole series. Lacy is one strong character and I love how Chris lets Lacey be strong. They have such a cool relationship and act as very good advice givers from Beth and Ryan. I will not keep hoping that they will get their own book one day.

3. Nico and Will ( Heroes of Olympus)

I loved the first LGBT relationships that was introduced in Rick world. We get meet the and see them fall in love at the end of the Heroes of Olympus series but also see more of them as a couple at the start of The Hidden Oracle. I just enjoy their relationship and also seeing them become more involved in the story because there are less main characters then we had in the heroes of Olympus series. I can’t wait to see more of them in upcoming book in the series.

4. Heart and Blitzen: Magnus Chase

I love this dynamic duo of the dwarf and the elf. They are the best team up in this series. I love how much the love and respect each other. They almost come across like Magnus always says they act like his mom and dad. I would read a spin off about them in heartbeat and I am so excited to see what happens to these characters at the end of the series this october.

5. Simon and Izzy: City of Bones

I love this relationship so much. It is so slow burn but I love how their friendship became love. Both of these characters have been through so much. But they eventually found their way to each other. A shadow hunter and vampire should not make it work but they do. I loved them especially in city of lost souls and heavenly fire.


These are my top five side Ships! Let me know in the comments what are your favorite side ships!

Later Book Lovers





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