Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Fathers:

Hi book fans,

This weeks prompt for this week post is top ten fictional fathers. This was really hard to find fathers that I actually liked in Ya Literature so I choose 9 and then I choose two t.v dads!

  1. Arthur Wesley: Harry Potter Series

I love Arthur in this series so much. I also really loved him both as a father and as a person. I love how much he cared about not only his children but also Harry and became a father figure to him. I just loved how dedicated he was to harry and harry’s cause. Arthur was just a fun character that often added fun to the series and much laughter. He is such a good dad and remains on of my favorite dads in literature

2.  The Unexpected Everything: Senator dad:

This was such a good book. I loved how Andi and her dad relationship really changed throughout this novel. By the end, I really loved him and enjoyed how much self discovery and loved how their father and daughter relationship got so much better. By the end of the book, I really loved their relationship and he was able to put away the senator facade and became a good dad and have a real relationship with Andi.

3. The Hidden Oracle: Apollo

Normally in these series the god parents leave a lot to be desired and I want to throw them out the windows ( aka  Poseidon) But when the god Apollo got changed in a teenager his whole world his turned on his head. I loved how Apollo is finally able to develop relationships with his children and notice that impact and that relationship can really effect his kids life. He is such a funny character but I can’t wait to see what happens in the other books in the series.

4. Lola and The Boy Next Door: Nathan and Andy

This was the first book that I read that had to dads. I just loved not only their bond with the each other has parents but also their relationship with Lola. They made me laugh and cry and it was easy to see how Lola was impacted by these two men. They did not fall into typical roles of gay men and I loved that. They really wanted what was best for Lola and I loved them thought out this novel. This book is re-listen to so often.

5. Geekerella: Ella dad:

This is an odd one I will admit. Because in this book when the story starts Ella dad is already dead. However I loved seeing their relationship through Ella’s eyes and see how her relationship with her dad impacted her life long after his death. Their relationship was so special and their scenes we observed really tugged at my heart. It was such a good relationship and made me as heartbroken as Elle that he was longer alive. It just showcases how even when a parent is no-longer here that they can still effect their children lives.

6. Illuminae and Gemina (Kady and Hanna Dad)

This book includes two dad and for majority of the novels they are trying to find their way back to their daughters when the world is literally on the verge of ending. We meet both these fathers in book two but the dedication not only to saving humanity but also their daughter lives. They have very different skill sets but these men are butt and will do anything to save their daughters.

7. Second Chance Summer: Taylor Dad:


The book dealt with the summer that Taylor dad is dying of cancer. It was heart breaking and sad but very good. The relationship between Taylor and her dad made me cry so much. I also loved how the father tried very hard to make the last summer both fun but impactful for all their kids and each kid got what they needed from their dad. It was super good but that relationship was emotional gut punch.

8. Ned Stark: Game Of thrones:

I am a big fan of the Stark family and that is largely thanks to Ned and how he raised his family. I just loved all the court stuff that he had to deal with and how he tried to keep his family safe the best he knew how. Even all these books later his impact his still felt and his children are still so bound by his father and his lessons and his impact.

9. City of Bones: Luke

I am a big fan of  found family and Luke and Clary and even Simon relationship was some of the strongest parental relationship of this series. It makes me love Luke even more for what he does for Clary and how Clary can really depend on him. Luke also tries so hard to save Simon throughout the series and that just tugs at my heartstrings cause Simon is one of my favorite characters.

T.V dads Bonus round:

10.  Sheriff: Teen Wolf:

I love Noah on this show overall but also his relationship with his son and the supernatural. He really trusts and respects and his son and overall they have a good relationship. He brings wit and charm and humor and emotions to the show. He needed to mentioned.

11. Joe: The Flash:

Again I love found family stories and Joe and Barry relationship on the Flash is so well done. Even when Barry dad is back in his life that does not negate Barry and Joe relationship. They also have some of the most emotional scenes on the show!


I hope you like my list! Check out my video linked above where I talk in more detail. In the comments bellow let me know who is your favorite fictional dad are and why?


Later book Lovers























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