My Book Con 2017 Thoughts!

Hi book lovers,

Overall book con was blast! I got to spend time with some awesome bookish friends and meet some new people like Marissa  and her awesome mom. I was a VIP and will do that every year because i felt like the perks were worth the extra money. I do hope in the future, they may consider autographing tickets as apart of the ticket and also maybe have some highly anticipated arcs in our bags. I really did like the private singings that we had as well including Sarah Beth Derst and E. Lockheart. They were both super fun and I am really excited to go next year.

Being with other bookish friends made the experience worth it and no matter what arc we got did not matter because I was having so much running around with the my friends and that made the experience so much better then my last con experience.

I did get a pretty impressive book haul between 30-40 books and some books I have never heard of before, I am so excited to read.

The only downside to the whole weekend was the highly anticipated arc drops that Penquin did. To say it nicely it was chaotic and scary. I don’t think they were prepared for popularity that was present for their arcs like Warbringer, Warcross and Bonfire. I don’t know what the solution was but it needs a safer way to from lines and not be dangerous.  I thought the online ticketing of the autographing tables made things so much easier and maybe they will do something like that for arcs next year.

Overall, I really enjoyed the experience and loved spending time with all my new friends and meeting some new ones! I am so excited for next year and will be there with bells on.

What were your thoughts about book con if you were there!



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