Book Buying and Book Singings:

In addition to all the free stuff I scored from book con. I did buy some books. It mostly because the deals were really good or I was going to singings at book con or in the area

(aka books of wonder) I always try to support authors whenever I can and buy books often even during book con.

I did not buy as much as I did at comic con but I got some cute books that I just had to take home with me and mostly all of them were signed by the authors.

I did like how book con handled the autographing line this year at book con. I did not get to meet Cassandra Clare but I hope in the future I will have that chance. She is one of my authors that I really love to read that I have not had the chance to meet and get her to sign my book.

I also really liked the event at books of wonder for Sarah Dessen, Jenny Han and Jennifer E smith. We learned that her book windfall will be adapted by the one and only Lauren Graham who ironically is her editor in real life!

Check out my book tube video above! I have also attached some pictures of the event like the lovely cake for sarah design real birthday!

It was such a fun event! If you are from New York or nearby and have not attended at event at Books of Wonder, I highly rec. you do. If you live father away, their website will also ship you personalized signed books!

If you are interested in either the singings or the personalized links check out the site below!                                                                                                   



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