Book Con pre thoughts and Advice:

Hi book friends,

I am so excited for this weekend. I have not been able to attend book con in two years due to school and college reunion. Every year that I missed it really broke my heart. Being in the place and with those people for a weekend is so much fun. I love free books as much as the next person but it more about just feeling like you are with your people and that is why i love conventions like book con.

I am so excited to…..

  1. Meeting Holly black and Cora Carmake and getting my book signed! This is so exciting.
  2. The chance to get arcs of wonder women and War cross. I am going to try hard but if for some reason i can’t these because will still be high on buying list when they come out!
  3. I love just walking the floor and learning about books and authors i have never heard of before. Some of the best books i read this year came from comic con and i never would have read them without that experience.
  4. Just spending a book filled weekend with friends and hopefully meeting some new friends.

I do have some tips and tricks that helped me whenever I go to conventions:

  1. Bring a extra tote and a backpack. If you play the game right you will need stuff to hold your swag and books.
  2. If you don’t have hotel pay for the luggage check, trust me.
  3. Be kind and don’t push. We all want the same things but being kind goes a long way.
  4. Talk to publishers more about giving you free books, Talk to them about what books you liked that they published.
  5. Bring water and small food like bars.. It is long day and you will get hungry.
  6. Even if you can’t get an arc still read the book whenever it comes out!
  7. Have fun and be safe!


See you after book con book lovers.

If you are going to book con what are you most excited for or if you are not going what will you miss the most!



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